Vintage Antique Wood Exterior House Door With Frosted Etched Glass Elk Scene


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This antique wood exterior house door has a beautiful frosted or etched scene in the glass depicting an elk in the wild with various other designs surrounding it. The glass has no damage which is amazing itself to of survived for the last 100 years. As you can see one side is painted and the other side has been stripped by someone. The door handles on it are old but the backplates have been replaced as someone has moved the handles but the latch still operates in and out. The hinges have also been replaced with modern ones.It measures about 30 1/8" wide with a length that tapers from 79 1/8" to 78 5/8" and measures 1 5/16" thick. The glass measures approximately 21 1/4" x 23" in size.

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150.00 LBS
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